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Thoughts of an NYPD Homicide Detective

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Name:Don Flack Jr
Birthdate:Jan 15, 1973
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America

 Don Flack Jr - NYPD Homicide Detective
Detective Donald Lucas Flack Jr knows the streets of New York. Yonkers born, his family moved to Queens when he was a child. Descended from a long line of police officers, Detective Flack never questioned his future. Working closely with Mac Taylor and his unit, Detective Flack bridges the gap between the old-school NYPD and new generation of CSI. Carrying with him an intense hatred of the "bad guy", his approach to solving crimes, while sometimes borderline, is nonetheless always effective. Detective Flack lives by his own belief that everybody is considered guilty until the CSIs prove otherwise.

Don joined the police academy at 21 in 1994 where he graduated at the top of his class in August 1994. He immediately went to work as a uniformed officer, working alongside Gavin Moran for four years at the 53rd Precinct in the Bronx. He was promoted to detective in 1998, assigned to the Bank Robbery Task Force and transferred to the 12th Precinct in Manhattan. He was later transferred to homicide at the 12th. Don was assigned to work with Mac's team in the spring of 2000 and he has been there ever since. He was promoted to detective - grade 2 in fall of 2003 and to detective - grade 1 in the spring of 2009. He was injured on the job in a bombing on May 14, 2006 - his recovery took four months and he returned to full duty in late September 2006.

He has several hobbies he enjoys, one of them collecting vintage arcade games. He has a NY Rangers pinball machine, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and a wurlizter jukebox. He has a tattoo on his upper right shoulder that says NYPD in inch tall letters and above in much smaller letters it says 'class of '94'. It IS visible when he's wearing tanks.

Don spends as much time as he can with some of the boys at the YMCA in Ridgewood, Queens, NYC. He started volunteering in the summer of 2004.

Aside from his parents, Don Sr and Diane, he has a sister, Samantha ([personal profile] sammmy) who is three years younger.
FYI: I slash Flack but only with Danny Messer.

Det Don Flack Jr from CSI:NY is a fictional character and this journal was created for RPing. I do not own Det Don Flack Jr or Eddie Cahill. I am merely borrowing him for fun.

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